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Vine Maple tTee



Mature Height :

15-25 feet

Vine Maple tree

Mature Spread :

15-25 feet

Mature Form :


Growth Rate :


Sun Exposure :

Part Sun to Shade

Soil Moisture :

Dislikes dry soil

Soil Type :

widely adaptable

Flower Color :


Foliage Color :


Fall Color :


Zone :

4 - 7


About the Vine Maple tree :

One of the most desireable native plants, this small tree is famous for fall color and it's ability to hold stream banks and eroding soil. Like the dogwood, it grows best in the understory at the woodland edge but will also grow more lankey in the forest interior and smaller, denser in the open--where it can burn in the afternoon sun. The lower branches wind sinuously up through the air, vine-like (thus the name) and the best looking specimines are multi trunked.