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Quaking Aspen



Mature Height :

40-50 feet

Quaking Aspen tree

Mature Spread :

20-30 feet

Mature Form :

Rounded Crown

Growth Rate :


Sun Exposure :

Full Sun

Soil Moisture :

Widely adaptable

Soil Type :

Widely adaptable

Flower Color :


Foliage Color :

Dark green

Fall Color :


Zone :



About the Quaking Aspen:

The Quaking Aspen tree, Poplus tremuloides, is the most widely distributed tree in North America. It is known by many common names: trembling aspen, golden aspen, mountain aspen. This deciduous tree grows on many soil types, especially sandy and gravelly slopes, and it is quick to pioneer disturbed sites where there is disturbed soil. Quaking Aspen trees are fast growing and very hardy.

Poplus tremuloides provides benefits for many kinds of wildlife. It will grow both as a single or multi-stemmed tree. The Aspen is esthetically appealing with light bark, trembling leaves, and yellow fall color.