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Leyland Cypress



Mature Height :

50-75 feet

Leyland Cypress

Mature Spread :

50-60 feet

Mature Form :


Growth Rate :


Sun Exposure :

Full Sun

Soil Moisture :

Dislikes dry soil

Soil Type :

widely adaptable

Flower Color :


Foliage Color :


Fall Color :


Zone :

4 - 7


About the Leyland Cypress:

"Instant Privacy" Use:  Fast-growing, larger barrier.  Avoid power lines, plan for growth.

Its feathery texture is soft to the touch. Stays green all year-round giving you complete privacy.  "Instant Privacy" Spacing:  These trees can be spaced on 4, 6, or 8' centers (meaning the trunks of each tree are 4', 6', or 8' apart) or wider.  For example, if you're trying to cover 40' with trees on 8' centers, you'd need 6 trees (the first one at "0" ft. on one end, and then one every 8' after that).  Some people want them even closer than that in order to maximize the 'Instant Privacy", while others will put them wider in order to cut down on the cost.    

Comments:  Leyland Cypress don't look too impressive when they are young.  As they mature they fill-in and become an excellent screening tree.  They can't be judged on height alone because they can vary greatly in their fullness. 

Leylands are the most popular privacy tree in the U.S.A. They grow very fast and thicken to create a solid wall.

Grows rapidly – up to 3-4 ft. per year! Easily pruned to your desired height and shape.

Even without trimming, your Leyland Cypress trees will grow in a uniform, symmetrical shape that gives you a dense, living wall.