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Cercidiphyllum japonica

  Foliage: Deciduous
Mature Height: to 60 ft.
Mature Width: To 30 ft.
Sunlight: Full sun; partial sun
Soil: Type:  Rich, moist slightly acidic soil is best.
Comments:   This is a very attractive tree that can be used as a specimen, street or shade tree
Katsura tree Katsura tree in fall

About the Katsura Tree

One of the most beautiful ornamental trees.  Often low-branching or multi-trunked, Katsura may have either a pyramidal or wide-spreading growth habit.  Small, heart shaped leaves are bronzy in the spring, blue-green in summer, and turn shades of apricot, yellow and purple in the fall.  The autumn leaves sometimes give off a “brown sugar” aroma