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Flowering Plum

Flowering Plum in Summer

Mature Height :

20' to 25 '
Mature Spread : 15 To 20
Mature Form : Oval
Growth Rate : Fast
Sun Exposure : Part Shade to full sun
Soil Moisture : Moderate
Soil Type : All Types
Flower Color : Pink
Foliage Color : Purple maroon
Fall Color : Purple/red
Zone : 4,9

About the Flowering Plum:

The Flowering Plum trees are among the earliest bloomers in the spring, usually mid to late April. The single fragrant flowers appear on the branches in clusters of 2 or 3 before the leaves emerge. Each pink flower is about ¾ inch wide. Blooms on flowering plum trees are fleeting, lasting 4 or 5 days at best. In the fall, small dark fruits, purplish to black in color may develop. They are about an inch in diameter and are edible.

Flowering Plum foliage is very ornamental in its own right. Leaves are oval, tapering at the tips, and are about 2 inches long. They are a stunning dark purple, sometimes appearing almost black. Somewhat glossy, these leaves have a softer texture than those of apples, peaches, and most other fruit trees. Because plum trees are deciduous, the foliage falls in the fall, often turning a paler purple or reddish color first.
Flowering Plum in sping